The museum is home to the Michal Cwynar memorial archive. The archive is normally closed to the public, but academics and others undertaking research are invited to arrange a visit with our archivist who can be contacted through the Contact Us page.

The Museum’s archive and library collections hold a diverse amount of material. The archive contains manuscript items – log books, notebooks and the like – and a wide range of printed material on many different topics and covering all periods. Various collections of photographs are held, including images from airfields and war theatres around the world, from World War 2 and later.

Naturally, the collection also includes documents of all kinds relating to R.A.F. Dumfries, aviation in the area and people from the area who served in various different capacities in the British armed forces around the world. Material on R.A.F. Dumfries is not abundant and the Museum will welcome loans or donations of any relevant items.

Some of the archival material is displayed in the Museum, but much of it is held in store. Selections from the archive collections are being made available on the web site and these can be viewed below. It is planned to continue adding documents to the handful currently available.

Selections from the Archives

PB232 – Air Stories

Air Stories was a monthly magazine published from 1935 until early in World War 2. Although it mixed fact and fiction in its coverage, fiction seemed to have been especially popular, with stories of air fighting in the First World Continue reading →